New kid on the block

I spent a couple of hours this week catching up on the recent discussions on the Home Tissue Culture Yahoo Group. The Yahoo group, albeit hard to navigate through, is chock full of really good information and was started by Carol Stiff who’s known for the Kitchen Tissue Culture website. As you peruse through the posting, you cannot help but notice a LOT of discussion on sterilization methods and chemicals used, and why shouldn’t you? Sterilization, is after all, the most important step in micro-propagation.

Recently, a hobbyist, Gregorio J. Placeres, came up with a new sterilization process. Made from household chemicals, AAHPPAA for short (fer real?!), is a ‘new’ oxidizer which is proving to be an effective and more efficient alternative to using bleach in the sterilization process.

To make it the instructions are as follows:

In a two cup Measuring cup, place 100 ml of White Vinegar (5% acetic acid).
Place the cup in the microwave for 1 min.
Add 400 ml of Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)
Transfer the solution to a Dark Bottle and place in the fridge for one hour.
After that you can use this desinfect the surface of your explant.

Since this is still pretty new, experimentation is currently underway with determining the exact protocol. However, generally,  this liquid will sterilize your explant in a mere 2.5 minutes. Additionally, unlike the traditional bleach method, no rinse off is needed on tough plants. Tender plants might need a quick rinse.

If this works, this would be a real time saver! Cheap and easy to make too!

I’m going to try it out this weekend. Stay tuned!