A peek at Claus Kettner’s setup

Recently, I was copied on an email from Claus Kettner in which he describes adding a water pump to his crypt setup.

Google translates the email as follows:

Dear Friends,

We are all constantly on the lookout for new techniques useful in the keeping, care and propagation of our water plants.
We are careful to admit in our plants Standwasser enough, but not too much fertilizer on. I have resolved to fertilize my plants so to about 400 uS. With the
Rainwater that I use, already contributes about 20 uS. In addition, my water is kept constantly by a small pump to move (from the belief that moving water is better than standing and also) the risk of algae (Kamhaut the water is prevented). The
Beaker culture creates in an occasional change of water also help. For these reasons, I have little in all my pools circulators.
I now noticed after a few months ago that in the basin with the most water spray (leaves) always dampened the growth of plants is stronger than in the rest of the basin. The growth (size) of C.pygmea foremost plant, is second from right, much stronger than before this change. Certainly the repot showed while its effects.
With a few plants, the rest C.alba everything that I have received from Niels, Alfred and Peter.

It gives me a major concern of the stock of C.alba keep us stable in the culture.

Best regards



I did have pumps in my setup for water movement, but I removed them since they kept getting clogged. Kettner appears to have circumvented this issue by having a pre filter. Maybe its time to add them back in.

Additionally, he mentions that he fertilizes his plants with 400 uS of fertilizer. While here in the US, we normally measure fertilizer by tsp/gallon, in Europe, most crypt growers use a more scientific approach to concentration. From all appearances, it looked like MiracleGro (the blue is tell-tale) that everyone used. Mix enough in some RO/Rainwater to give you EC of 400 uS and you’re set. I also believe Kai Witte mentioned that most people do complete water changes on their crypt setups to ensure that adequate fertilizer levels are maintained.

Kettner’s setup looks so clean compared to mine! I need to clean up my setup.