Cryptocoryne sp. JP0501

Frequently, Cryptocoryne are collected from new locations and without flowers present, are simply labelled with a code. In this case, its JP0501, and I received this plant on my trip to ECS a couple of years ago. I brought it back with me along with several other plants. The plant did not fare the journey well – it simply melted into a pile of goo. All that was left was a tiny bit of rhizome, barely 2mm in size. That little bit of rhizome, with a lot of TLC, has now grown to this:


Gorgeous isn’t it?! Took two years to get here – but that’s all part of the fun – the challenge!

Over the last few months, this mother plant has been producing runners non-stop. I probably have 4-5 of these plants in various stages of growth now. That’s good news – since I’m probably the only one with this one in the US. I need to give some out to a few friends to ensure that it remains in culture.

Additionally, it’s started to send up a spathe!

..unlike any I’ve seen to date! Very exciting!
I cannot wait till it opens up to reveal its identity – or will it? ;)
Stay tuned….