Missing in action?

I haven’t had the chance to update my blog in a while. I’ve just been way too busy recently and haven’t had time to download and edit pictures to put up. However, I do have some progress to report:

1) Cryptocoryne nurii seeds that I put in vitro culture are progressing nicely. I think of the 20+ seeds I put in, I probably have 10 viable plantlets now. I move three of the smaller ones into a shoot multiplication media yesterday. I’ll let you know how it progresses.

2) Cryptocoryne ciliata in vitro was doing quite well, with multiple shoots. Then, after being in culture for over 6 weeks, it suddenly got contaminated. I cannot figure out why, but the explant no longer viable. I do have some pictures of it a few days prior to the collapse – I’ll post them up soon.

3) I harvested about 20 additional seeds of Cryptocoryne nurii, and set them up in vitro. They’re looking good!

4) Cryptocoryne noritoi is doing well in vitro. I transferred it to a shoot multiplication media yesterday.

5) Cryptocoryne albida is coming along nicely in vitro. I have to transfer it to a shoot multiplication media soon.

6) L. meeboldii ‘pink’ is doing surprisingly well in vitro – I’m excited! I should transfer it soon.

7) GA3 continues to mutate a lot of my plants. I’m thinking about using a PGR to counter the overdose. I must be nuts.

8) Cryptocoryne longicauda ‘brown’ flowered – but I didn’t get to take any pictures.

I would LOVE to have a laminar flow hood – even though so far, I have not had any environmental contamination – I think. All the contamination seems to start spreading from the explant itself. I have some really cool pictures – just need to find some time and edit them.