Update on crypts

Well, I’m back from the AGA Convention. I’m exhausted – but wow! That was a great convention. I won’t get into too many details on the convention itself, but I will mention that the first North American Cryptocoryne Society meeting was a hit! We had about 16-18 people attend and although we had little slow start, after the introductions broke the ice, conversations started up and a lot of information was shared. Plants were exchanged and there was much cheer and rejoicing! We were there talking crypts for the next 2+ hours. Its clear that there is a growing interest in crypts here in the US. I have some thoughts on starting to formalize/organize NACS somewhat. We’ll try and get some feelers out there to try and see if we want to proceed along that route.

I’ve been invited to the Seattle Aquarium club to speak on crypts in a few weeks. Should be fun!

One other item that peaked my interest at the convention was the talk Dr. Mike Kane gave on tissue culture. There is a lot of good information I have to share with you on that subject. I’ll have to leave it at that for tonight – more detail to follow soon.

Finally, as I promised, here is the latest picture of the C. elliptica plantlets.

As you can see, things are progressing well. Leaves are getting bigger and the plantlets are getting established. More pictures on this two weeks from now.